The Story

So begins a new place to tell a new story. 

In approx. 6 weeks I am packing up and moving to Nagasaki, Japan where I will be living for the next year teaching English with the JET Programme. I am beyond stoked. The lengthy application process (starting in November 2015) culminated in a rollercoaster of acceptance (you're on a waitlist plz wait, JK we have a spot for you) and I know the next six weeks will pass by in a frenzied, warp-speed sort of way. 

I hope to keep this space as a place to document experiences, stories, feelings, and photos over the next year and share these with those who might be interested in my adventure (hi mom).

The Setting
Nagasaki, Japan 

Historic, Romantic, Exotic. I thought that was my tagline. 

Nagasaki is a mid-sized city on Japan's southern most island, Kyushu. From what I know so far it looks like I will be living right in Nagasaki City and teaching at various junior high and high schools. Nagasaki is rich in history and culture and is known for fun things such as udon, a lack of earthquakes, and a Dutch/Portuguese influence. Apparently the city is quite 'international' as they have a foreign language university, and as a major port city there has been a lot of contact with different cultures throughout history.

So let's see what happens!